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Information & statistics for the slot Spin a Win Live from Playtech

Spin a Win Live from Playtech

Spin a Win Live has a RTP of 0% , 0 paylines on 0 reels and a jackpot of 0 times the stake!
Spin a Win is a Live Casino game that was developed by Playtech and released in 2018. As its name suggests, this is a game that involves spinning a wheel in an effort to win prizes. In this case, the wheel is vertically oriented, similar to Evolution Gaming's Dream Catcher, which came out in 2017. There is a lot of similarity between the format of the two games, but the format and betting opportunities aren't identical by any means.

Spin a Win: The Format

The Spin a Win game is a visually vibrant one. The wheel itself stands in the middle of the live casino studio and boasts 53 segments in six different colours, while a background of coloured LED lighting strips provides a nice sense of depth. A betting panel is presented at the foot of your screen.

Each colour on the Spin a Win wheel has a different value, and so the less valuable colours appear more often than those with higher values. The colours that are in play are listed below, along with their values and the number of times they appear on the wheel in total.

  • Yellow is worth 1 and occupies 23 segments.
  • Blue is worth 2 and occupies 15 segments.
  • Green is worth 5 and occupies 7 segments.
  • Purple is worth 10 and occupies 3 segments.
  • Orange is worth 20 and occupies 2 segments.
  • Red is worth 40 and occupies 1 segment.

  • In total, you can see that the six colours occupy 51 of the wheel's 53 segments. The other 2 segments are occupied by black Multiplier strips that are worth x2 and x7, respectively.

    The wheel itself has a series of protrusions around its circumference, and these are used by the game presenter to spin the wheel. An indicator above the wheel at the 12 o'clock position makes it easy to see which segment has won after any given spin.

    Spin a Win: How to Play

    The aim of Spin a Win is to place a bet on the colour of the next winning segment. If your prediction is correct, your bet will win at the odds associated with your chosen colour.

    To place a bet, you must select a casino chip value from the panel at the foot of your screen and then place as few or as many chips as you want on any of the betting boxes. There is a betting box for each of the six colours, and also three smaller boxes that allow you to place side bets on the winning segment being an EVEN number, an ODD number, or a MULTIPLIER strip.

    • EVEN pays x1.25 (3 to 4)
    • ODD pays x0.75 (5 to 4)
    • MULTIPLIER pays x25 (25 to 1)

    If you're wondering why a bet on an ODD number pays less than a bet on an EVEN number, the answer is that there are more odd numbers than even numbers on the wheel. Specifically, the wheel has 30 odd numbers and 21 even numbers, so the payout difference makes perfect sense.

    Players are given a period of time in which to place their bets, and when betting has closed, the wheel will be spun by the Spin a Win presenter. When the wheel comes to rest, the winning segment (as indicated) will be announced. If the winning segment is a colour, then bets will be settled automatically, and betting will open for the next spin of the wheel. However, if the winning segment is a Multiplier, things proceed a little differently, as we'll now explain.

    Multiplier Procedure

    When a segment showing a Multiplier value is announced, all values on the Spin a Win wheel will be multiplied by x2 or x7, as appropriate. Existing bets on the colours will be held, and the wheel will be spun again. This continues until a coloured segment wins, at which points bets will be settled at the multiplied odds.

    It is perfectly possible for a Multiplier segment to appear on two or more spins in a row. In that case, the prize values for coloured segments can climb quite quickly, and so can the excitement of being in with a chance of winning a supersized payout.

    Spin a Win: Strategy

    The overall RTP of Spin a Win is published as being 97.22%. However, that is the top figure in a range that starts at 90.67%, so the actual RTP that you get will depend on how you bet. The worst RTP of 90.67% is for a bet on the red 40 segment, and that makes sense, given that there is only one red segment on the entire wheel.

    As with most other 'Wheel of Fortune' style games, there is no skill involved in Spin a Win, and you just have to rely on your luck. That said, you can play around with different ways of approaching the game to suit your own attitude to risk and how often you want to enjoy a return.

    One way of maximizing your chances of getting a return is to bet on several segments per spin and maybe place one or two side bets as well. Which segments you bet on is up to you. Bets on the lower value segments will land more often, but you may not get back more than you bet in total. On the other hand, placing bets on the purple 10, orange 20, and red 40 segments would give you a 6 in 53 chance of winning on any given spin, and when you do so, you'd be sure to win more than your total bet for that particular round.

    Spin a Win: Our Verdict

    Spin a Win is a well-produced and very entertaining game that will appeal to anyone who likes to take a risk on the spin of a wheel. As we said earlier, it is very similar to Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming, but here you have the option of also placing side bets, so if you're keen to do that, Spin a Win is definitely to be preferred.

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    Spin a Win Live

    Spin a Win Live Info

    Game ProviderPlaytech
    Game typelive casino games
    Min. coin size0
    Max. coin size0
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    Max. bet0


    Bonus gameNo

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