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Quantum Roulette from Playtech

Quantum Roulette has a RTP of 0% , 0 paylines on 0 reels and a jackpot of 0 times the stake!
The roulette game was invented in the 18th century in France, and it could actually have its roots in the 17th century. Whatever the case, roulette and casinos have gone hand-in-hand for a very long time, and the game hasn’t waned in popularity one bit. Of course, the game has been adapted and reinvented from time to time, which is why modern casinos offer both single zero and double zero wheels.

That reinvention continues even today with Quantum Roulette, which combines Live Roulette with generous multipliers and ‘Quantum’ features to provide one of the most exciting table games around.

Quantum Roulette: The Format

Quantum Roulette was released by Playtech in September 2019. It is based on a fairly standard single zero wheel, and although the game is run by a live dealer, the wheel itself is automatically controlled by a computer. This ball, which determines the winning number, is introduced to the wheel via an automatic slingshot mechanism rather than by hand.

The game is presented from a special-purpose studio in order to provide a detailed and immersive gameplay experience. The wheel obviously takes centre stage, and a table layout is presented in the lower section of the screen. This layout is exactly as you would expect in a regular game of European Roulette, with a single green 0 on the far left and the numbers 1 to 36 arranged across three columns of twelve numbers each.

The background behind the wheels shows CGI doors, which would look perfectly at home in the movie TRON. As well as serving to enhance the whole ‘sci-fi’ theme of the game, these virtual doors open and close to help signify different stages in each round.

Quantum Roulette: Placing Bets

A round of Quantum Roulette begins with the betting. Placing bets here is as simple as selecting the value of the chips you want to use and then positioning them on the area of the table layout that corresponds to your desired bet.

For example:
At the very bottom of the table layout, you can place bets on the next number being in the range 1-18, EVEN, RED, BLACK, ODD or in the range 19-36. All of these bets pay odds of 1:1 if you are correct.

In the row above, you can place bets on the 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12. A bet here would cover the dozen numbers displayed above. If any one of those numbers hits, you would be paid odds of 2:1.

Place a chip on any of the three areas marked 2 to 1 at the far right of the layout, and you will cover all of the numbers in the associated column. Again, if any of those numbers win, your bet would be settled at odds of 2:1.

Place a chip on any single number on the layout for a Straight Up bet on that number. This would normally pay odds of 35:1 in a regular game of European Roulette, but here it pays odds of 29:1. That’s because Quantum Roulette is all about multiplying Straight Up bets, as we’ll now explain.

Quantum Roulette: Multipliers

The thing that sets this game apart from all the others is its Multipliers. When all bets have been placed, a virtual orb will appear above the wheel. A Random Number Generator (RNG) will then produce up to five multipliers, which can be worth anything from 50x to 500x, in 50x increments. Each multiplier will be associated with a different single number and will appear in the appropriate location on the table layout.

Quantum Roulette: Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap

It is also possible, at this stage of the game, for a Quantum Boost or a Quantum Leap to be randomly triggered. When a Quantum Boost is triggered, it will increase all of the active multipliers by 50. When a Quantum Leap is triggered, it will double or triple some of all of the active multipliers.

Whilst all of this is good news for Straight Up players; it should be noted that the maximum payout for any single number is 500x. This is the case even if a Quantum Leap is applied that might otherwise generate a higher multiplier figure.

Quantum Roulette: Winners and Losers

When all of the multipliers have been generated, and any Quantum Boost or Quantum Leap has taken place, the rest of the game proceeds as normal. You will be given a top-down view of the wheel as the ball travels around and finally comes to rest to indicate the winning number. If you’ve bet on that number - either directly via a Straight Up bet or indirectly through one of the multi-number bets - you will win. Betting will then be opened for the next spin of the wheel.

Playing strategies for Quantum Roulette

As you can see, Quantum Roulette is not a normal game of roulette, and it shouldn’t be approached as such. While you can place all of the bets that are possible in a regular game (including Special Bets and Racetrack Bets), Quantum Roulette is designed for Straight Up players.

If you want to focus on ‘safe’ bets such as Red or Black, you might be better off playing a straightforward game of Live Roulette instead. For those of you who genuinely enjoy playing Straight Up bets, however, it makes sense to consider taking a strategic approach to Quantum Roulette.

Strategy #1

Given that there can be up to five numbers multiplied in a round, it can make sense to place Straight Up bets on multiple different numbers. Since the game pays 29:1 for a winning non-multiplied number, you could conceivably bet on all 36 numbers, and that’s basically our first strategy in a nutshell.

This approach would guarantee you a winner on every spin (unless the green 0 comes up) and ensure that you benefit from any winning number that is enhanced by a multiplier. Of course, a win at 29:1 would still lose you 6 points, and a green 0 would lose all 36 points, so this strategy is best for small stakes only. Of course, if you also want to bet on the green 0 to even things out even further, you can do so.

Strategy #2

An alternative strategy is to bet on 30 single numbers instead of 36. Here you’d have a 30 in 37 (81.08%) chance of at least breaking even and a 7 in 37 (18.91%) chance of losing all of the chips bet on that round. Those figures take the green 0 into account, and as with the previous strategy, you could bet on that too. However, if you’re going to cover 30 numbers including or alongside the green 0, you might as well cover the whole wheel and take your chances.

Strategy #3

Our third strategy is a more modest one. We know that up to five numbers can receive a multiplier, so you could pick five single numbers and place one chip on each. You could then place five chips on an even money outcome. That would give you a 48.64% chance of breaking even, and if Lady Luck is on your side, one of your five singles could hit at 29:1 or possibly even more if a multiplier is involved.

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Quantum Roulette

Quantum Roulette Info

Game ProviderPlaytech
Game typetable games
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