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One of the most popular debit/credit cards in the world

There are records of lotteries existing in 200 BC but in Canada, the most recent history of legal lotteries began in the late 1960s. It was mostly for the government’s benefit as it sought to increase revenues to finance various projects.

The Canadian authorities declared online gambling a legal undertaking in 2009. They, however, didn't dictate the rules any further. It was up to the Provinces to determine whether to allow it in their regions or forbid it. A year later, several provinces allowed online gambling starting with British Columbia, Quebec, and Manitoba. The fast increase in online gambling sites brought in the need for reliable deposit and withdrawals method. Kahnawake Gaming Commission took charge to oversee secure gaming sites and payment methods throughout Canada.

Though the payment and withdrawal methods vary from one Lottery Company or casino to the next, having a standard MasterCard is sufficient to see you use the majority of online casinos. This guide will discuss the practical aspect for deposits or withdrawals at Canadian online casinos.

Best Casinos with MasterCard

C$ 1 000 bonus
300 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 1 000 bonus
100 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 600 bonus
200 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 500 bonus
20 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 1 000 bonus
1000 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 200 bonus
250 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 1 200 bonus
200 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 1 500 bonus
150 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 1 000 bonus
0 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible
C$ 2 500 bonus
50 Free spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible

Types of MasterCard

Since its invention in 1996, MasterCard has created a name for itself in the buying and selling industry where it rivals with other big brands like Visa for the first place. In the online casino industry, you can deposit monies in your online casino account using any of the below card types.
  • Credit Card: The deposit to your casino account is on debt to your credit card and you ought to pay as per terms and conditions of your card. Use of credit cards allows people from all walks of life to participate in an online game and chance a win.
  • Debit Card: You can check off the amount from your personal savings account which saves you from further interest during repayment. While participating in online gambling, using a debit card is advantageous because you'll be spending your actual balance instead of piling on debts.
  • Prepaid Card: You can buy a preloaded card with a specific amount to use for your online account. A prepaid card is either plastic, disposable, or easy to replenish when the funds deplete. Most patrons go for a renewable card that you can keep loading every time you use up the money.
  • Contactless Card: The card does not need data input to load funds to the online casino account. It uses the latest technology available.

Where can you get a MasterCard?

In addition to getting the card from authorized merchants, you can get it from most banks across Canada as an addition to your savings account. These banks include JP Morgan, Chase Bank, HSBC, GE Money, Bridge Water Bank, RBC Royal Bank, among others.

How to Make a Payment to Casinos Using MasterCard

When you have your MasterCard ready, and you're feeling quite lucky, there are various online casino options to check out. Start with signing up if you haven't yet, then make a payment. Below is a comprehensive and practical guide on how to load funds to your online casino account.

After signing up on a site, a form will pop up immediately. Populate it with the correct details before you can authorize payment. At this point, be keen to give the right information failure to which, you might end up unable to withdraw after a win.
These are some of the essential information you need to fill on the form.
  • The card number
  • Card expiration date
  • Type out your name accurately as it appears on the card
  • Fill out the last three digits of your security code also known as CVV code
  • Deposit the desired amount that covers the number of tickets you need for that session

After cross-checking that you have the right information, click on payment button to proceed with betting. It’s best to choose some of the best and most established online casinos as they will have standby staff.

In case of difficulties at this point, you can chat with the customer care crew to help you out and at least recover your funds. However, before getting to this phase, ensure that your online casino of choice accepts the card as a method of deposit and payment.

How to Check the Reputation of MasterCard Casino

Getting the right casino is the first step for an excellent online gambling experience. When online lottery sites are everywhere, how can you pick the right one? It's vital to do a thorough research before giving out your money. Gambling is the only risk you should take, but be sure to handle it in the right place for a fair chance of winning. If you’re new in the industry, you may not know where to begin the vetting process. These tips will come in handy to help you land on the right site.
  • Make sure the site has more than five years of operation. Half a decade of transactions shows that it has a loyal following with few or no scandals.
  • The site should have updated contact information that works. If you can't reach the customer help desk when in need, that will be a source of frustration at some point.
  • Check for licensing and find out how good the spin or deal is.
  • If the company is new, then it should have several reputable brands under its belt.

Money Withdrawal using MasterCard

MasterCard is the only card that does not allow withdrawal of casino funds after winning. Nonetheless, there are other options and ways to go about getting your funds if you’re a Canadian resident. Since many retail outlets accept the card, you can use it to pay for goods and services in place of cash.

MasterCard Security

To avoid fraudsters whether using the card online or offline, adhere to these rules
  • Keep your card information to yourself and don’t disclose it to anyone while registering for online casino sites.
  • CVV code, card number, and password are personal information. Do not disclose even to the bank agents.
  • Report loss of card immediately to the customer care desk. They are on shift for 24 hours. If unreachable, make use of the bank’s website to report the loss.

Advantages of MasterCard System

  • Ease of deposit: You only need to fill up the form with the correct details from the card and the deposit is done.
  • Popularity in Online Casinos: Many online casinos prefer MasterCard over other methods of payment because of the security features and ease of payment when a patron wins.
  • High Security: If you don’t disclose security features to third parties especially the CVV code, then your account remains secure.
  • High Transaction Speeds: The deposit is instantaneous immediately you hit the 'pay' button. There are no further verification needed or waiting time.


MasterCard is a widely accepted method of payment in many retail stores worldwide. A lot of online casinos also accept the cards as a means of payment because of the fast processing speeds and the adherence to security and privacy regulations.

Although they come in various types, debit and credit cards are the most popular with players. The prepaid cards are the most convenient as they help to keep track of expenses and save on interest, unlike the credit cards. Before signing up on an online gambling site, ensure they accept the method of payment and withdraw that's most fitting with you. is a independent review portal for online casinos. The information on this site is for entertainment and educational purposes. The legal age for gambling in Canada is 19, except Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec where it is 18+. Listed casinos reserve the right to change or terminate bonuses and modify the terms and conditions at any given moment. Read the terms and conditions before opening an account or accepting a bonus. Play responsible.

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