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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) provides the most entertaining sports in Canada. UFC features the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which is becoming very popular in Canada and globally. UFC dominates the fighting sport since it purchased the Strikeforce, WEC, and Pride. Therefore, MMA influences UFC betting to a great extent. UFC gaming offers you the best sportsbooks capturing the trending UFC live events including Fight Nights.

For over two decades, the martial arts with the leading viewership include Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which features top-level competition. Other fans also prefer to make UFC predictions on Taekwondo and Karate. Stay informed on UFC news to make perfect predictions. Identify the best betting sites, choose the promising fighters, method of victory, and rounds to begin winning big. Watch unique combat techniques and make money with various casinos.

UFC Betting in Canada is a good opportunity to make extra cash on your mobile device. Many casinos offer a sign-up bonus and other gaming packages that will increase your profit margins. UFC is popular as a live match and you can do better when you are both a fan and a punter. UFC action exhibits a lot of dynamics for both the fighters and the live experience. You can bet on different options with UFC gaming. The simplest is to wager on the fighter who wins. You can also explore the method of victory, total rounds, round betting. Vast knowledge on the condition of the fighters, style matchup, and weight classes is a big guide on how to place your bets. The analysis of past matches and specific fighters by experts keeps you enlightened on the realities and dynamics on the ground. Enroll for UFC Betting in Canada with a choice online casino from the many available sites.

Bookies with UFC Betting

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UFC Betting Odds

The sportsbooks set their odds inspired by the popularity of a fighter in the public determined by his probability to win. The past victories and experience play an important role in predicting the upcoming events. The best way to bet on UFC is to pick the straight-up winner of an exchange. Canadian odds lines are based on what $100 wins for underdogs like Michael Bisping (+100); or how much you need to bet to cash $100 for renowned heroes such as Georges St Pierre (-120).

A UFC fighter

One of the most exciting sports out there!

Types of UFC Bets

UFC Total Rounds

In this category, you bet on when the fight comes to an end. There are two options: ‘Under’ and ‘Over’. Oddsmakers estimate the total number of rounds and then set the odd at the middle of the knockout. For instance, for odd 1.5, ‘Over’ means that the match will end beyond halfway in the second round while ‘Under’ insinuates that the exchange comes to a halt before it is halfway in the second lap. In total there are 3 rounds. For the championship that takes five rounds, 2.5 is odd. This is a bit of a task to predict because the favorite might win but contrary to the expected time of grabbing the victory.

UFC Proposition

Commonly known as UFC Props, it is an advanced option of betting in your sportsbook. To access UFC Prop, go to the drop-down icon in the sportsbook to get other betting options. This option explores other criteria for betting to unlock better payouts compared to straight-up bets. The advanced methods include what round a fighter wins, decision, submission, and method of victory such as knockout or technical knockout. Try this and improve your fortunes.

UFC Draw

Some punters are not yet at home with the possibility of draws and the massive payouts by the sportsbooks. Here, you bet with a conviction that the fight will end with no decisive victor. You can arrive at this prediction when the two fighters facing off are equally strong thus there is a low probability of beating each other. The scorecards belonging to the two of the three judges must indicate a tie. A tie often occurs after a point deduction on a winning fighter. Some sportsbooks refer to a draw as Under Method of Victory. Draws can give you lumpsum return for your bet in your sportsbook.

Live UFC Betting

Many online casinos in Canada offer live In-Play Betting for UFC. This option of gaming becomes fun when you are streaming the match live so that you can respond accordingly. It is important to note that live odds keep changing as the action unfolds. React to the action in the UFC Octagon during the five-round championship which takes 25 minutes, or three-round 15-minute contest. As you study a fight keenly within the rounds you will gather enough information to help you identify profitable UFC odds for UFC bets. You can get a colossal payout from a well-observed live bet.

Your Guide to UFC Betting

Whether you are getting interested in the gaming community or you are a regular punter, a few tips are in order to improve your chances in a field that is quite tricky. The following are some of the traits that determine the outcome of most UFC matches.

The Condition of the Fighters

The health status of a fighter matters a lot. A fighter who is recovering from an injury fighting against a strong one has higher chances of losing than winning though he or she may surprisingly do wonders. The level of training and the prowess of the trainer determines the fitness and flexibility of a fighter in action. Weight loss may indicate thorough training but it does not guarantee a win. Young bucks fight aggressively and take risks by exposing themselves a lot to the rival. This is because they are driven by the desire to achieve that knockout blow within the shortest time possible.

As such, they end up getting a severe injury in a fight with a mature puncher. Experienced fighters and gurus like GSP exhibit calculated moves and better discipline. They capitalize more on the defensive than offensive. When the other party grows weary they easily have their way into the offensive and grasp simple victory. They are also careful not to unleash all their tactics in a single match. They will always pull a surprise when the opponent thinks they have studied and exhausted their style.

Every match is always a new opportunity to learn and gain new experience. A good fighter always displays unrelenting confidence that promotes probability to win.

Style Matchup

The style that each of the contestants adapts is crucial to the outcome of the match. Experienced grapplers are known to perform best on the ground game while the aggressive strikers stand out given a good chance to strike. Strikers will easily carry the day if they fight an equal or an inferior rival. A wrestling guru will enjoy a walkover if assigned a fast striker because he or she will keep the rival engaged to get exhausted fast and that becomes an opportune time to punch. The style is a great tip as you place your bet. UFC betting is, to a great extent, based on ‘Grappler vs Striker’ criterion. Research a bit on the two fighters paying close attention to their experience as well as previous matches and you can rarely lose on your bet.

Weight Class

Research reveals that lightweight classes lead to more decisions than their heavyweight counterparts who mostly culminate in knockouts. Heavyweight strikers have an advantage in their offensive. Lightweight grapplers may strive longer with sustained vigor than heavier colleagues. There are fighters who participate in multiple weight classes. It is important to study the current trends and see which class they perform best. In whichever the weight class, go ahead to analyze the fighting skills of a fighter because strength and less skill lead to a loss. Some punters specialize in particular weight classes.

Pre-Match Analysis

If you are a newbie in the UFC and MMC contests, pre-match analysis as well as post-match comments can broaden your knowledge in this sport as a fan. Analysis by UFC experts will help you to grow gradually as a punter and know how to place your bets tactfully. Visit the online casinos and match-analysis sites regularly for the latest previews and updates. The state of the fighters might change a few hours to the match hence changing the expectations on the results of the contest.

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