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Instant Roulette from Evolution Gaming

Instant Roulette has a RTP of 0% , 0 paylines on 0 reels and a jackpot of 0 times the stake!
Roulette is perhaps the best-known casino game in the world. Even those who don't play casino games will usually be able to recognize a roulette wheel at a glance. And many are also able to explain the basic rules if asked to do so. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why Instant Roulette made such a splash when it was released as a Live Casino title by Evolution Gaming in the summer of 2020. But another reason for the excitement was the innovation that Evolution managed to bring to this most traditional of games.

The Instant Roulette Format

What sets the game of Instant Roulette apart from all the other Live Roulette games isn't its rules but its format. This format has been carefully designed to allow casino enthusiasts to enjoy playing at their own pace. The rules of the game are exactly as in a regular game of roulette, but here there are 12 individual Auto Roulette wheels in play instead of just one. All of those wheels are synchronized as they spin, but the balls are added to the wheels at slightly different times, in sequence.

The benefit of the balls being added to the wheels one after the other is that it means the next winning number is just seconds away from being announced. And by the time the winning number has been called on the 12th wheel, the 1st wheel is well on the way to producing another one.

All 12 live Auto Roulette wheels are shown in the upper half of the screen, and the lower half of the screen presents the betting layout. With so many wheels in play, you might think that it could be difficult to keep track of the action, but that isn't the case. Each wheel comes into close focus in turn, giving you a clear view of the winning numbers being determined.

Instant Roulette Gameplay

The whole point of Instant Roulette was to give Live Casino players a roulette game that would perfectly suit their playing speed. Some players like to spend quite a bit of time preparing their next bet, and regular Live Roulette games can make such players feel a bit rushed. At the opposite extreme, other players want to bet quickly and find out if they have won with a minimum of delay, which can make regular Live Roulette games feel too slow.

In the game of Instant Roulette, any bet that is placed is applied to the next wheel that is due to produce a number. Therefore, players can spend as much or as little time as they want setting up their bet, and that bet will only be applied when they press a Play Now button located just below the betting layout. In the meantime, the wheels will keep spinning and producing numbers for other players who have already placed their bets.

Bets are made in the usual online casino manner, which means placing chips on the area of the layout that represents the bet you want to make. Just remember that your bet won't actually be working for you until you've pressed Play Now. When you've done that, your bet will be applied to the next wheel to produce its winning number.

You can continue placing bets in this way, but there is also a very handy Rebet button. This will apply your previous bet and stake to the next wheel due to produce a number just as soon as the button has been pressed. If you like to play the same bet again and again, the Rebet button will give you as many chances to win as you can handle at whatever pace you prefer.

Instant Roulette Betting Options

All of the normal roulette betting options are available in Instant Roulette, and the payouts are also the same. A racetrack betting layout is present as well as the main layout, so no matter what kind of roulette bets you like to place, Instant Roulette has you covered.

Each of the 12 wheels used has a European Roulette layout, which means that there is just one green zero instead of the two used in American Roulette. This is very good news for players because it reduces the house edge to a minimum. As always, even money bets, such as those on Red, Black, Odd, and Even, give the player the best chance of winning, as well as the lowest house edge to contend with.

Instant Roulette Betting Strategies

Although roulette is a game of chance, many roulette players like to employ various strategies in an effort to try and turn an average run of luck into a winning session. Unfortunately, because Instant Roulette uses 12 wheels instead of 1, any strategy which involves following the pattern of results from an individual reel will be harder to apply here. The good news is that there are still a couple of strategies that Instant Roulette players might find useful.

#1 - Play the Experienced Pattern

This strategy involves using a standard pattern-based strategy (for example, betting that a winning colour will appear again on the next spin) based on the last experienced result you have. In other words, just keep track of the results you get from your own bets and ignore all of the other numbers that are produced by the other wheels or during your thinking time.

#2 - Use a Staking Progression

Instead of using any kind of strategy that is based on previous results, consider using a staking progression that focuses instead on how you bet. For example, you could adopt a simple 1-2-3 progression, staking 1 unit on your first bet, 2 units on your second bet, and 3 units on your third bet, starting over after a winner or three consecutive losing bets.

The Perfect Game for Impatient Players

While Instant Roulette can be played at any pace, it is one of the best options around for those players who like the action to proceed with as few delays as possible. Take the game for a spin or several today, and you just might decide to put it on your list of favourites!

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Instant Roulette

Instant Roulette Info

Game ProviderEvolution Gaming
Game typetable games
Min. coin size0
Max. coin size0
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Bonus gameNo

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