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Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming

Crazy Time has a RTP of 0% , 0 paylines on 0 reels and a jackpot of 0 times the stake!
There is much more to the modern Live Casino gaming scene than Blackjack and Roulette. One of the biggest developments in recent years has been the advent of the game show format, which aims to give players the experience of being the main contestant. Titles such as Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal have played a big role in popularizing this new game show genre, but one of the most exciting releases of recent times is Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming.

Crazy Time: The Arrival

Crazy Time was released by Evolution Gaming in the summer of 2020. It was a game that had been in development for more than a year, and the team at Evolution had made good use of the time by widely publicizing it beforehand. That created quite a stir, and players everywhere began counting down to the day when they would be able to see it first-hand.

When the game was finally launched, it became an instant live casino hit, and that initial enthusiasm hasn’t waned one bit. Crazy Time remains one of the most popular titles for anyone who wants to enjoy a gaming session that is as varied and exciting as it is potentially profitable.

Crazy Time: Format

The Crazy Time game was based on Evolution’s already successful Dream Catcher title. Like Dream Catcher, its main focus is on a vertically oriented wheel that is similar to the ones used in Wheel of Fortune type games. A human dealer is present to orchestrate proceedings and add to the general game show atmosphere.

The Crazy Time wheel has 54 sectors, each of which contains one of eight different labels. The labels and number of sectors assigned to each are as follows:

Sector Label Number of Sectors
1 21
2 13
5 7
10 4
Coin Flip 4
Cash Hunt 2
Pachinko 2
Crazy Time 1

Above the wheel is a large two-reel slot. The reel on the left contains symbols equating to the sector labels, and the reel on the right contains multiplier values.

Crazy Time: Gameplay

The game begins with players predicting what label will occupy the winning sector when the wheel has been spun and finally comes to rest. The sector indicator is located above the wheel in the 12 o’clock position. A player can therefore bet on 1, 2, 5, 10, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko or Crazy Time. It is perfectly permissible for players to place multiple bets to cover multiple outcomes, and most will do that for reasons that will become clear a little later.

When bets have been placed, the wheel is spun. At the same time, the reels of the slot above the wheel will also start spinning. The slot reels will come to rest first, and the left reel will show a sector label, whilst the right reel will show a multiplier value or no multiplier.

The Crazy Time wheel itself will then slow down and indicate the winning sector. Anyone who has bet on that sector will win. A bet on 1 wins 1x, a bet on 2 wins 2x, a bet on 5 will win 5x, and a bet on 10 will win 10x. A winning bet on Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko or Crazy Time will allow the player to progress to one of four associated bonus games.

Note, however, the reels on the top slot. If the winning sector on the wheel is also shown on the left reel, any prize won will be multiplied by the multiplier value shown on the right reel. In other words, if you have bet $1 on the label 5, and the slot shows the label 5 and a multiplier of 3x, your prize would be $15. That’s because your $5 prize from the wheel would be multiplied by the 3x shown on the slot.

If the winning wheel sector shows a bonus game label, the dealer will move over to a separate bonus game area. Each game has its own area, and the Crazy Time game has an entirely separate room. We will now look at each bonus game in turn and explain how they work.

Coin Flip

The Coin Flip game involves the flipping of a large coin, which is coloured red on one side and blue on the other. The dealer places the coin into a special recess on a Coin Flip machine, and a screen above randomly determines what each side of the coin is worth. Both sides will therefore be assigned a multiplier value. The coin is flipped by the machine, and the side that shows determines the multiplier won. Your bet will then be multiplied by that value.

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt game takes place on a board that measures 9 columns by 12 rows. Each of the 108 cells on the board shows a game symbol. The symbols are reversed to reveal a multiplier symbol behind each one. The symbols then turn back to conceal their values and are rapidly shuffled on the board. You must then pick a symbol from the board. The symbols are turned over yet again, and the multiplier value of your chosen symbol will be applied to your bet.


A pegged Pachinko board with 16 slots at the very bottom is used for this bonus game. Each of those bottom slots will have a multiplier value attached. The dealer will initiate a disk drop into the board, and the disk will fall down through the pegs until it finally lands in a slot. Your bet will then be multiplied by the value shown in the selected slot.

Crazy Time

This is the big one, and it takes place in a separate room with a special Crazy Time reel which has three different sector indicators. There are 64 sectors on this wheel, and each sector shows a multiplier value or a Double or Triple label. You must select one of the indicators, and the wheel will spin.

The wheel will come to rest, and if your chosen indicator shows a multiplier value, your bet will be multiplied accordingly. If an indicator shows a Double or Triple label, all wheel sector multipliers will be doubled or tripled and the wheel will spin again for players who selected that indicator. Further Double or Triple labels can increase the wheel prizes even further, and when the sector eventually shows a multiplier value, that is the one that will be applied to winning bets.

Playing Crazy Time

You could play Crazy Time in a very conservative manner by only ever betting on the label 1, which would give you a 21 in 54 chance of winning on every spin. However, if you were to take that approach, you’d be better off playing Red or Black on a game of Roulette. The real excitement here - and the big money - is in the bonus games.

For this reason, the most common way to play Crazy Time is to focus on one or more of the bonus sectors. You could, for example, bet on all four bonus sectors per spin, and that would guarantee your involvement when any one of them comes up. You might need to wait a few spins for that to happen, but when it does your patience could be well rewarded!

Casinos where you can play Crazy Time

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C$ 500 Bonus
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C$ 150 Bonus
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Crazy Time

Crazy Time Info

Game ProviderEvolution Gaming
Game typetable games
Min. coin size0
Max. coin size0
Min. bet0
Max. bet0


Bonus gameNo

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