Psycho Candies Slot from Microgaming

Psycho Candies Slot from Microgaming
Published: mon 25 may 2020

Destress with Crazy Slot

Candy matching games have been popular ever since they first appeared, and for several good reasons. First, they tend to look good, with vivid colours and appealing textures. Next, they are games that are just as enjoyable to play for a minute or two as they are for longer sessions. A third reason why people enjoy playing games in this genre is because they tend to help players to destress at the end – or even in the middle – of a long and hectic day.

Of course, not all players like the regular candy matching games because they are sometimes just a bit too sweet for the metaphorical tooth. Perhaps that is why Gluck Games has released a titled called Psycho Candies, where the stars of the show are portrayed as having their own stressful lives. If you are a player who likes the concept of candy matching games, but would like something a fraction edgier than the norm, this could well be a title worth taking a look at.

Meet the Psycho Candies

Psycho Candies is a grid slot with rows and six columns. The grid is presented against a blue and purple swirled background which shows a few bubbles appearing and disappearing. A young lady wearing what appears to be a pink witch’s hat is holding a large pink book to the right of the grid, so the background represents a swirling cauldron of sticky sweet goodness.

The symbols appearing on the grid are mostly candies of various shapes and styles. Starting with the lowest-value symbol and working our way up to the highest, you will see a red and white diagonally striped star, an angry red jelly bean, an anxious purple jelly, an eccentric blue hard candy, an irrationally happy squishy green candy and a furious looking yellow candy drop.

You may wonder how we can be so sure about our descriptions of the various psychological traits of the candy symbols, but the truth is that the superb artwork in this game makes the task fairly easy. A humorous and colourful cartoon style has been employed throughout, and most of the candies have eyes and other basic ‘facial’ features which do a great job in helping them to express their inner selves.
A Bonus symbol which has the form of a rainbow-coloured jelly serves as one scatter, whilst a Free Spins symbol showing candy hearts serves as another. The grid will also show a Bomb symbol from time to time, and we will talk more about that shortly.

Psycho Candies has a relaxing soundtrack which, in other circumstances, might work well as a lullaby. Here, however, that relaxing theme is peppered with all kinds of popping, exploding and celebratory sound effects, and you are much more likely to want to stay awake for the next big win than you are to fall asleep.

You will need to get a combination of four or more symbols adjacent to each other to win a prize, and when that has been achieved, the symbols will explode so that new ones can cascade down from above.

Cascading Multiplier Feature

Every time you get a cascade, a multiplier value will increase by one. String together a series of cascades and the multiplier will increase several times. There is no limit to how high this multiplier can go, so it will continue rising for as long as you keep winning.

Bonus Symbol Game

Get a combination of four or more Bonus symbols on the grid and you will be taken to a screen which allows you to pick a number of jellies, each of which will win you a cash prize. You will get to pick 2, 3, 4 or 5 jellies for getting a combination of 4, 5, 6 or 7 Bonus symbols, respectively.

Bomb Symbol Feature

When you get a combination of four or more Bomb symbols on the grid, they will take out any adjacent symbols when they explode. A combination of four Bonus symbols can therefore take out up to 10 other symbols, whilst a combination of seven or more will take out anything from 9 to 18 other symbols.

Free Spins Feature

Get four or more Free Spins symbols and you will trigger a Free Spins round. You will get at least 12 and up to 22 free spins, depending on how many Free Spins triggered the feature.

Boss Fighting Feature

At the top of the grid you will see five mini-cauldron meters, and these will gradually fill as you land winning combinations of red, pink, blue, green or yellow candies, respectively. Fill a meter and you will fight a corresponding boss. Defeat the boss and you will get to spin a Jackpot Wheel.

Psycho Candies is available through Microgaming, so visit your favourite Microgaming venue to play today.
C$ 1 000 Bonus
100 Free Spins
Licensed & Verified
18+ | T&C applies | Play Responsible

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