Wild Tome of the Woods Slot from Quickspin

Wild Tome of the Woods Slot from Quickspin
Published: mon 16 sep 2019

Slot That Delivers Animal Magic

Swedish online game development studio Quickspin isn’t as prolific as some other companies, but what it might seem to lack in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. This month sees the release of another title which has an enjoyably unique theme, looks great and plays like a dream. The title we are referring to is Wild Tome of the Woods, and it is one of the few which tells the story of a bunch of animals who like to practice a bit of alchemy in their spare time.

Alchemy in a Nutshell

For the benefit of anyone who isn’t particularly well-versed in ancient magical practices, alchemy was a precursor to the modern-day science of chemistry, and had the lofty aims of turning base metals into gold and developing elixirs that could be used to heal sicknesses or even help the alchemist to achieve immortality.
Using a combination of religious and occult rituals, fairly primitive scientific instruments and an almost unbelievable amount of optimism, the alchemists persisted in their art for centuries. Whilst the ability to turn lead into gold and achieve everlasting life turned out to be rather more elusive than its practitioners had hoped, alchemy did lead to the fields of chemistry and medicine which we benefit from today, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time by any means.

A Woodland World of Animal Magic

Although the human practice of alchemy is now largely extinct, Wild Tome in the Woods reveals that a group of woodland animals have taken things up where human beings left off. The game takes place in Whittlewood Forest, which is beautifully depicted in cartoon-style and serves as the main background.

This slot has six reels and four rows, and the reels themselves are invisible, with only the levitating symbols giving us the certain knowledge that they actually exist. The main symbols used in the game include lower-value bottles of alchemical potions (in green, gold and red colours) and three of the woodland animals that are involved in the magical project (Crikey the frog/newt hybrid, Sylvester III, who is a fox, and Eleanor the Oxford-education owl. The latter named is also known as Middy, since he is the one who has spent his life trying to develop the Midas touch which would enable him to turn fairly worthless materials into gold.

Other symbols used in this game are a gold Wild, and a Wild Tome. The Wild Tome is a special book which Middy uses to record his alchemical procedures, but now that book has taken on a magical life all of its own, and whilst the owl himself hasn’t succeeded in turning things into gold, the Wild Tome can do so with ease.

There are plenty of symbols that appear stacked on the reels, which means that winning big isn’t as difficult as it might be if that weren’t the case. The game is only moderately volatile, so you can expect to enjoy a nice balance between the frequency and size of wins.

All of the artwork in this game is first-class, and the symbols have bright colours and crisp edges which really make them pop against the darker background of the forest. There is also plenty of animation that is very nicely executed – just watch the Wild Tome open and the individually illustrated pages turn over for a great example of what we mean by that.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, woodland sound effects, including natural birdsong, and a magical soundtrack provide icing on the metaphorical cake, and make playing Wild Tome of the Woods a fantastically immersive experience.

Wild Tome Feature

When you get one or more Wild Tome symbols on the reels, you will trigger the Wild Tome feature. Each book will open, as previously mentioned, and when the pages stop turning you will see that a symbol has been selected. That same symbol will then be transformed into a wild wherever it appears on any of the reels, before the Wild Tome itself turns into a wild.

To make this feature even more exciting, any selected symbol can also turn into a new Wild Tome symbol. In that case, the new book will open and another symbol will be selected for transformation, which means that the feature can continue. In fact, it is quite possible for all six reels to end up packed with wilds – an achievement that will pay you 1,000 times your bet!

Gamification Possibilities

Quickspin has made its popular gamification tools available to its partner casinos for this game, so it is quite possible that Wild Tome of the Woods will be offered at several venues with an additional challenge aspect or two. In fact, this is something that the company has specifically encouraged, as can be seen in the following quote from Herbert Paradis to venue operators:

‘Wild Tome of the Woods is a super fun and easy game that should appeal to lots of different people. And if you want to add an extra level of engagement for your players, why not add a challenge to the game and let the armoured spinion explore the magical forest? Challenges is a really great way to give a little back to your players by giving them some gameplay “on the house.’

Our Alchemical Romance

We love this game, and whether or not the casinos which host it decide to offer any additional challenges, Wild Tome of the Woods is definitely worth playing. Its inventive theme, superb execution and exciting gameplay should ensure that it goes on to become a big hit, so head to your favourite venue offering Quickspin titles to try it for yourself, and enjoy the magic!
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