Compete in Slots

Compete in Slots
Published: sun 4 aug 2019

Clash of Spins is Great for Players

Videoslots Casino was founded in 2011, but has quickly risen to worldwide prominence. A big part of that success has come because of the huge range of games that it offers from some of the biggest development companies in the business, including Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Thunderkick and more. However, an equally big part of its achievement is due to its wealth of special promotional events and tournaments that it runs for its players. These aren’t cookie-cutter ‘make a deposit and get a bonus’ promotions, but often competitive events that players actually look forward to participating in.

There are currently several different types of promotional events and tournaments that members of Videoslots Casino can choose to get involved in, but the one which seems to be enjoying the most popularity at the moment is Clash of Spins.

About Clash of Spins

Clash of Spins is a range of slot competitions that take place around the clock, seven days a week, all year long. This is good news for everyone, because it means that every member of Videoslots Casino – whether they be an early bird, shift-worker or night owl – will be able to find a clash to suit their schedule.

Each Clash of Spins event runs for a set amount of time and offers a specified prize pool which is shared between the participants who manage to fare the best. The prize pool details vary from event to event, as do the details of the challenge that players need to take on, but in all cases a leaderboard runs so that those who get involved can see exactly how they stand in comparison to everyone else.
Clash of Spins currently comes in two formats, known as the Big Win Clash and the Spin Clash, but a third type – a Multiplier Clash – is expected to be launched in the not-too-distant future. For now, let us take a look at the two formats that are already available…

The Big Win Clash

The Big Win Clash is a competition to see which players can achieve the biggest wins. You don’t need to register to participate, but you do need to be a member who has already made at least one real money deposit. If you meet that criteria, you can simply jump straight in and start playing your favourite slots or video slot games. That said, you are advised to check the minimum wagering criteria for the Big Win Clash that you want to take part in so that you can make sure that your gaming qualifies. Minimum wagering levels are generally very low, but checking only takes a second or two, and is therefore well worth doing.

As you win, you will earn points. Wins are grouped into three different categories for the purpose of earning points, as follows:
  • Big Win (15 times your stake) earns 1 point
  • Mega Win (30 times your stake) earns 3 points
  • Super Mega Win (60 times your stake) earns 9 points

Because these categories are determined by the value of each win in relation to the stake being used, every participant in a Big Win Clash has a perfectly fair chance of winning, and a low-roller has just as much chance of succeeding as someone playing with bets ten or even one hundred times the size.

When the allotted time for the Big Win Clash is over, the players who have earned themselves sufficient points will be noted and an appropriate slice of the prize pool will be awarded to them on the following Monday. The payout schedule varies from event to event, but a typical event might offer a prize pool of 500 free spins, with 50 going to the winner, 30 to the player finishing in second place, 20 to the player in third and 15 to each of the players finishing in fourth to tenth place.

The Spin Clash

Spin Clash events work in much the same way as a Big Win Clash, so you will need to have made a deposit with Videoslots Casino to be eligible to participate. The big difference here is that you earn points according to how many spins you play and the size of the stake that you use on your spins. This does give a definite advantage to those who bet at a level which earns more points per spin, but there is a maximum number of points that can be awarded per spin, so the advantage isn’t infinite.

Again, the players who occupy a winning position at the top of the leaderboard when the event ends will be awarded a slice of the prize pool according to the schedule published on the terms and conditions page of that event.

Why the Clash of Spins is Great for Players

Having seen how the two current Clash of Spins formats work, it is clear to see why these events are great for players. First of all, they aren’t events that you need to register for or pay any kind of entry fee to participate in. On the contrary, any qualifying player (that is, one who has made a deposit and plays at or above any minimum staking level) is automatically deemed a participant, and therefore has a chance to win a share of whatever prize pool is on offer. Secondly, since being a member of Videoslots Casino means that you are likely to be playing slots anyway, you don’t have to do anything particularly unusual to try and win – just play your favourite games and see what happens!

Find out more about Clash of Spins or any the other tournaments and promotions that are available by visiting Videoslots Casino.
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