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Craps is a renowned casino game played with a pair of dice. The player, also known as the shooter, casts the dice with seven and eleven being the winning throws. Losing rolls are 2, 3, and 12. Craps also goes by the names, street craps, rolling dice, and shooting dice within the gambling community. Craps is a popular game not only in Canada, but throughout the world. Craps along with similar dice games are a bit challenging to recreate in a CGI format, and this is why: First, it’s a bit hard to recreate the game mechanics on a computer or in a web browser, and secondly, it’s challenging to recreate the communal experience that’s valued by most players. Fortunately, technology has made huge steps in recent years, and online craps has become a popular game all over Canada.

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What’s online craps?

Craps also goes with other names, such as street craps, rolling dice, and shooting dice. Basically, craps is a dice game where players bet real money on the outcome of any specific roll. A player simply rolls two dice, and all other players place their bets on the numbers displayed. Craps payouts count on how a group of players opts to play, therefore creating a unique and varied experience every time the game is played.

Each round of the game has two crucial parts: the “come out” and the “point”. The “come out” comes first. In case the value of this roll is 2, 3, or 12, the shooter has crapped out. In case the shooter rolls 4 through 6, and 8 through 10, then he or she has established the point. The shooter must roll the number in question again before a 7, so that those who have bet the point to win. The game remains the same whether playing at a land-based casino or at an online casino, except that you can’t roll the dice.

The history of craps

It has proven difficult to know when and where it started, as it is the case with many old casino games. When it comes to craps, several theories have been postulated and it’s possible that each of them contains some truth. Craps is thought to have evolved overtime into becoming what is now online craps. Some theories suggest that craps originated from the Old English game known as Hazard and the French game known as Crabes.

How craps has progressed in the modern world

Craps, birthed in Europe and UK, took a while to spread. It first made its way to the US in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was introduced by a politician, who was also an avid gambler by the name Bernard Xavier Phillipe. It was later to be discovered that players could rig the game in their favor through a fixed dice. This is what made John H. Winn come up with an updated craps version that brought a Don’t Pass Bet Area in 1907. This still remains even for the game known today, and came in handy to eliminate the problem of players cheating. The game gained popularity quickly, and once the digital age dawned paving way for online casinos, it didn’t take long for the game to get online as well.

Craps took a major turn with the advent of the digital age. The online version of the game began appearing online as early as 1994. The game grew further after live casinos saw the light of day. It’s now possible to play with a live dealer through a video stream. Therefore, if you were worried of missing the thrill of playing craps in a land-based casino and weren’t ready to travel, then you don’t have to.

The rules on online craps

Fortunately, the game is played by the very same basic rules. The only difference you’d find between online craps and that game you’d find in a casino has something to do with the odds. It’s too obvious all craps played generally favor the house quite often. Players are likely to lose a part if not all their real money either in the short- and long-term when they play in a physical casino. Thanks to the accurate and sophisticated computer codes as well as algorithms that come with online craps, the game is more random and luck-based, therefore creating a fairer environment for all players.

Online craps tournaments

Craps tournaments take the excitement and fun players get from regular games to a whole new level. In order to take part, players are required to pay the house some form of entry fee, which could vary from $5 to $25, but generally depending in the site you choose. The rules and bets remain the same. However, here are a few differences to note:
  • Players are often required to place bets on the “Don’t Pass” and “Pass” lines for each roll during the tournament.
  • Craps tournaments are often played in rounds. The rounds could be based on a selected number of rolls or a selected amount of time. After the completion of each round, the player who tops any particular game climbs up the ladder towards victory.

More information about online craps

Similar to a majority of online casino games, Microgaming is the leading software developer that handles online craps. One thing you will like about regular the game is that you can make the experience be whatever you want. If you’d prefer a minimalist interface showing little more than just a virtual table and a dice being rolled, you’ll find it.

The benefits you get playing online craps is more or less the same you get from playing other online games. However, some players like to play craps online to sink into their heads more quickly and cut out everything else apart from the game being played. Some players just want the thrill of cheering on or against other players in a gaming environment, although from the comfort of their homes. Both experiences are possible thanks to giant developers like Microgaming.

Online gaming technology has come of age, and to prove this, you need to try online craps. Between the regular online craps and the seemingly endless list of variations that could be paced on this game, online craps has exploded with vengeance into the modern world. It’s pretty easy to see why it has consistently remained in the list of most popular games on several high-quality gaming websites around the world.

The rules and layout of this game can easily intimidate novice players, but most online casinos have made the experience for most players as pleasurable as possible. It would take little time to learn about online caps, and you’ll be on your way to winning big cash. You should also know that online craps offer some of the best odds.

How to play online craps

Rolling the dice - Each player rolls the dice in turns. Everyone then places bets on the outcomes, regardless of being the shooter or not. The shooter continues throwing the dice until they roll a seven at the wrong time, also termed as “sevens Out”. Considering that craps is a game of rounds, the first roll is termed as “Come Out” roll. A round can contain one roll or a bunch of rolls depending on the outcomes of a roll. A shooter continues to roll the dice until a losing combination is realized.

  • Place your bet on any part of the table. Each click you make on the part adds a chip to your bet.
  • Then, click on the roll button.
  • Dice are then rolled out and results displayed. Repeat the process above to play again.

FAQs about the game

How much strategy do I need in craps? No much strategy is needed. In fact, rolling the dice isn’t a game of skill at all. You are only required to learn about the various bets, then choose the ones with favorable odds.

Is it a must I be the shooter? No. you don’t have to be a shooter if you don’t want to. The shooter is the player that rolls the dice. After the shooter loses a roll, the dice go clockwise round the table. If don’t want to be a shooter, then let the dice pass to the next player.

Online craps is a favorite game for most online gamblers. It’s pretty simple to learn the game and win some good money. The rules are pretty much the same, and though a little bit intimidating for first time players, online casinos have managed to make the experience as pleasurable as it’s rewarding. is a independent review portal for online casinos. The information on this site is for entertainment and educational purposes. The legal age for gambling in Canada is 19, except Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec where it is 18+. Listed casinos reserve the right to change or terminate bonuses and modify the terms and conditions at any given moment. Read the terms and conditions before opening an account or accepting a bonus. Play responsible.

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