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Canadian lottery scene is equivalent to an old acquired hobby that Canucks get into once in a while. The best part about it is that one of the participants is likely to emerge a millionaire within the week. Fueled by the past wins and inspiring stories, eager participants never give up the dream of making history. In return, the game favors their persistence.

What are the odds that you could be broke in one week and have immense wealth in the next? The world of jackpot games is full of surprises; pleasant ones for the winners, and encouraging ones for the future winners.

Canadian online lottery makes it easy to buy tickets by a click. The convenience of participating from any place draws in many hopeful patrons. The ever-evolving jackpot games make the Canadian lotteries one of the biggest, safest and irresistible jackpot games in the world.

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History of Lottery

The art of gambling is as old as humanity dating back to the Roman Empire where it was a fun pastime activity. The social activity evolved to become a source of funding for the government.

In 200 BC, the Chinese government made use of lottery jackpots to finance the projects around the country. The Great Wall of China is a government project whose construction received most of the funding from the sale of lottery tickets.

Other nations such as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands adopted the trend and grew their towns through lottery jackpots. Soon enough, in the 18th century, the lottery was a world-renowned method of getting quick funding and creating overnight millionaires.

History of Canadian Lottery

Every province in Canada has its unique history regarding lottery jackpots. British Columbia holds the oldest history of in lottery prizes since 1969. Numerous jackpot games came up afterward, spreading throughout the different regions in Canada. As was the trend with the rest of nationalities globally, the efforts geared towards fundraising for the government.

The Quebec Lottery History

The 1976 Olympics in Quebec is a glaring and ugly part of lottery history in Canada. The government held a nationwide lottery and raised hundreds of millions towards the Montreal Olympics. A big chunk of the money went to the winners, and little was left to cover the costs of the Olympics leaving Quebec in debts.

The government came up with an organization to help administer the lottery operations and further raise funds to cover the deficit. Canada Lotto Inc came up as a result, but it closed down three years later. However, it left a ripple that exists to date in Canadian lotteries.

How Online Canadian Lotteries Work

Every Canadian willing to take a chance to become a millionaire can now do so through various online lottery sites. The simplicity of the process makes everyone a candidate participant through signup and later randomly picking a number.

On the other hand, the various lottery companies have invested in secure sites, customer service and access to a variety of Banks across Canada. In case of a win, you can access the money immediately and with ease through the bank. If you have a complaint, there’s a customer care desk ready to offer solutions.

Online Lotto Options

The 21st century brought an internet boom everywhere, and the lottery was not left out.

With a click, you can sign up and participate in a variety of Canadian lotteries without leaving your chair. The internet also helped to streamline the lottery industry by coming up with a variety of ways to engage in the game of chance.

There are three ways of participating in online Canadian lotteries. You can either buy a bundle, join a syndicate or play as an individual.

  • Buying a bundle: Just as the name suggests, you get to bring in various options such as individual or group lottery and combine them in a bundle packaging. The choice is favorable if you're looking to spend less and still have the best of both worlds.
  • Syndicate: Playing in a group has better odds of winning than going solo. Pooling the money together gives you a favorable ticket amount and gives you a higher chance of winning by using the working tricks from everyone involved.
  • Individual: Using individual tickets gives you the freedom to choose your numbers, and if you happen to win, you don't get to share unless you want to.

Versions of Canadian Lotteries

The Interprovincial lottery corporation has control over various types of lotteries that take place nationwide. Although there are different types of lottery jackpots varying with the company offering them and the regions; the below three distinct types of Canadian lotteries are similar across the board and are also the most popular.
  • Daily Grand: With a ticket costing as little as $3, every person in Canada stands a chance to win $1000 every day for as long they live. When you participate in the daily grand draw, you have to pick a maximum of five numbers from the array of 1-49 and one grand number from the array of 1 to 7. A combination ticket with various options will give you a higher chance to win. The draws for daily grand take place twice a week, and if your numbers are selected, you stand a chance to win.
  • Lotto6/49: In all the Canadian lotteries, lotto 6/49 takes the cup for the most wins in a short period since its invention in 1982. It was the first lottery that allowed participants to pick their own numbers. Thus, it's the most popular version. The minimum grand draw starts at 5 million and keeps accumulating over time. There are weekly draws every Thursday and Saturday.
  • Lotto Max: Lotto holds the record for the grandest wins in history when a participant won $60 million two years ago. The minimum grand draw starts at $10 million and keeps accumulating over time. It’s interesting that a $5 ticket with 21 numbers can easily make you a multi-millionaire when you’re courting luck.

Helpful Tips for Online lotteries in Canada

Every game has its tricks that guarantee a win to a certain percentage. The online lotteries are no different despite having the freedom to play from anywhere in Canada. Below are some tips to help you the next time you're on an online Canadian lotteries site.

  • Check for Safety and Security: The essential part of an online lottery is the safety it offers to the members. A secure site ensures that the information you feed when signing up is safe from phishing and other internet security concerns.
  • Read Terms and Conditions: Most online lottery companies embed the privacy and security information within their T& C’s. It’s important to read them before giving out your money. A lot of complaints occur afterward because participants didn’t take their time to read the terms.
  • Don’t spend all the money in one sitting: This is the number one rule of the game of chance. Spreading your funds increases your chances of winning because you have more options to participate.

Online Lottery Rules

Interprovincial Lottery Corporation is in charge of making rules and regulations that govern various lottery companies across Canada. Other than the Quebec incident from 1976, the Canadian lotteries have been operating without scandals ever since. Below are some standard rules and regulations that you need to be aware of follow to get the best from online gambling.

  • You must be above 18 years before signing up and participating in a Canadian lottery site. The age rules vary from one province to the next where some have an age limit at 19 years. Before signing up, read about the site's minimum age limit.
  • If you happen to win, claim your prize within six months of the indicated date on the ticket.
  • You’re allowed to play the same numbers continuously.
  • You can select six numbers with a minimum of four lines.


The world of Canadian lotteries may seem complicated if you're new to the scene. There are a variety of companies selling the tickets and not to mention the different draws and awards involved.

If you're looking to get the best and count in the history of Canadian lotteries millionaires, you need to learn the jargon and start with the basics. Luckily, you can do all the participation from behind a computer by merely signing up your name and buying a ticket. If you have a lucky thumb, the odds are you’ll win faster than you can blink. is a independent review portal for online casinos. The information on this site is for entertainment and educational purposes. The legal age for gambling in Canada is 19, except Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec where it is 18+. Listed casinos reserve the right to change or terminate bonuses and modify the terms and conditions at any given moment. Read the terms and conditions before opening an account or accepting a bonus. Play responsible.

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